joi, 9 iulie 2009

Quote of the day

Don't wear anything the mannequins are wearing in the front window of a high-street shop. Don't wear anything worn by a celebrity, especially if you don't understand why that celebrity is famous.





The Fabulous Girl spunea...

i kinda agree with the second part.... but i dont think its set in stone like the way she writes it. store displays are a great way to see how an item should be styled around different pieces... i know that the clothes wont look the same on me as we have different proportions... i just look at them as a source of styling inspiration.

carola spunea...

@Mina - m-am tot gandit daca sa includ prima parte sau nu, anume din considerentul asta - ideile de stilizare, faptul ca iti atrag atentia la piese pe care nu le-ai observat in magazin, instrumentul de marketing etc.

Eda spunea...

Eu nu sunt de acord. Cred ca putem purta orice atata timp cat hainele ni se potrivesc si ne simtim bine in ele, indiferent daca le-am vazut pe surorile Olsen, intr-o vitrina , pe podium sau la un targ de vechituri.

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