duminică, 30 noiembrie 2008

Quote of the day

Contemporary pop culture suggests that life is a series of set pieces, and that people should costume themselves for the parts they wish to play. The problem is that everyone wants the same roles: the prom queen, the cheerleader, the quarterback. They want to appear younger, sexier, richer. They want to look better than they feel. But life isn't a virtual-reality exercise, and our troubled times are now demanding that people grow up and take responsibility for their credit-financed fantasies. Beyond the artificial façade lies the option of an authentic choice, the decision to embrace the truth of one's experience. [...] The point isn't that people need to be prudes or defer to any social norm. It's a matter of feeling empowered to tell the truth about who you are, instead of conforming to society's unforgiving and unrealistic ideals. One request though: even if you're actually in the adult-entertainment industry, no PORN STAR T shirts, please.

Sameer Reedy, Newsweek


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