joi, 27 noiembrie 2008

Quote of the day

Do you think starting a fashion/style blog is a good way to introduce or wean yourself into the fashion industry? And do you have any tips or advice on style/fashion blogging?
I hate this questions because it's really difficult for me to advise people to use blogging to get into the fashion industry. However if you mean blogging just to get a 'feel' for the industry then it would really depend. The truth is that not every blog will get recognised by the industry and really at the end of the day people should blog for the love of it and not have any motives behind it. Yes, I do work in the 'industry' as it were now but I still blog because I get something so much more out of what I do on Style Bubble. I only ever have one bit of advice and that is to be as genuine as possible and inject as much as of your personality in it... people will recognise that and most probably love you for it.

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