marți, 27 aprilie 2010

Quote of the day

"Fashion is permission. You may give it to yourself; or if you’re rich, you may entrust your choices to the care of top designers. A respectable label may inspire you to believe that your old Army jacket is more cutting-edge than other Army jackets — and any dry cleaner who reads your inside tag will surely be impressed. (...) The point is to recognize a meritocracy in things of value, regardless of their low points of origin, current trendiness or future invisibility. Quality is quality, period. All else is corporate fear, hype, vanity and vexation of the spirit. "

Critical shopper (NY Times), despre preturile mari ale hainelor cu nume rasunatoare pe eticheta.


Ioana Liliana Gheorghe spunea...

Yes! Very well put. Most of the time our justifications for the the high price of a piece of garment come straight from the marketing slogan of that specific garment or good. We are actually buying into the story that is being sold along with, or instead of, the product. Because we are in a hurry, because we are lazy, or, sometimes, because we simply don't know any better. I don't want to generalise, but we all know that these things do happen. So, just because I don't know, or don't want to know, better, I am going to continue to spend more on a synthetic blouse from the IT fashion brand of the week, than on a silk blouse from a non-promoted young designer. Am I not worth it?

dressaddict spunea...

Foaaaaarte adevarat, din pacate pentru unii...

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