duminică, 7 martie 2010

Quote of the day

"The ones made by Levi Strauss are the best-cut, best-looking pair of pants designed by anybody. Nobody will ever top the original bluejeans. They can't be bought old, they have to be bought new and they have to be worn in by the person. To get that look. And they can't be phoney bleached or phoney anything. You know that little pocket. It's crazy to have that little little pocket, like for a twenty-dollar gold piece."

Andy Warhol, "The Philosophy of Andy Warhol", Penguin Books, pag. 13


VertAnge spunea...

Complet de acord.
Dupa ce mi-am luat prima pereche de Levi's Jeans, mi s-a parut ca descopar cu adevarat ce inseamna sa ai haine "turnate" pe tine.

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