miercuri, 3 iunie 2009

Interviu cu Miuccia Prada

Primul interviu TV al Miucciei Prada in ultimii trei ani.
Mi-a atras atentia partea referitoare la frivolitatea modei: "If you compare with philosophy it is frivolous. But frivolity may be something good, something that is part of our lives. So I don't dislike it. And what I like is the mix — that in your life you can have serious things, more frivolous ones. Fashion is about beauty and the search for beauty, I think it's a fundamental thing. No one criticizes if you want to do beautiful homes. No one criticizes if you want to buy a beautiful chair. But so many intellectuals still criticize why you want to wear beautiful clothes, and it's only our body, so it must be important in a way."

LE: ori din cauza ca am publicat postarea aceasta prin intermediul emailului (blogger-ul are o optiune de genul asta), ori din alte motive, in loc de filmulet aparea codul, fapt pentru care imi cer scuze :)


Eda spunea...

Cred ca l-ai reparat.:) Acum se vede filmuletul.

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